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Robert Burke


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Masked Identity: Artworks by Robert Burke

UVic Legacy Art Galleries

630 Yates Street , Victoria, BC

April 20, 2024 - September 7, 2024

April 27th Opening Reception 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Masked Identity focuses on the life and art of Robert Burke, Denesuline (Chipewyan)/Black artist from Fort Smith, NWT. As a residential school survivor of 10 years, Robert knows the power of art. Robert’s art speaks to his life stories that emerge from the various social and political injustices he has experienced throughout his life on systematic, community, and individual levels that have informed Robert’s intricate symbolism. Creating his own elements and symbols, Robert steps out of a defined cultural iconography to construct his own unique style. This exhibition calls viewers in to witness Robert’s artistic and personal transformation as a Survivor who found healing and reconciliation through art.

Curated by Anahita Ranjbar, Curator of Collections, UVic Legacy Art Galleries. 

UVic Link:

Masked Identity: Artworks by Robert Burke




UVic Visiting Artists 


Robert Burke March 27, 2024

7:00 PM

University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road Victoria BC

Visual Arts Building  - Room A162

3800 Ring Rd


UVic Link:

March 27th Visiting Artist Lectures at UVic Visual Arts Department 





















Letter to Robert Burke from the Art Canada Institute


Dear Robert,


On behalf of Sara Angel, Executive Director at the Art Canada Institute, Ian Thom, author of Takao Tanabe: Life & Work, and everyone at the ACI, we are grateful for the permission you provided to reproduce your painting Looking Through the Institution.


I am delighted to let you know that this publication (linked above) is now live. Like all 60+ books in ACI’s Online Art Book Project, it is available free of charge, in both French and English. This makes Tanabe’s incredible art accessible to audiences around the world. A print edition of the book is forthcoming in Spring 2024.


Again, with best wishes and sincere appreciation for your assistance in helping us realize this project! 




Philip Dombowsky

Image Research Associate

Art Canada Institute | Institut de l'art canadien

Art Institute Canada

'Looking Through the Institute' featured via mixed media Sept. 30, 2022

Award recipient of the 6th Annual Tanabe Prize for British Columbia painters exhibition 2022



  • Victoria College of Art (2000)

  • McPherson Theatre (2000)

  • Grunt Gallery, Feb. 15-Mar.9 (2000)

  • Campbell River Public Gallery / “Touch the Earth”  Indigenous Art

  • Group Nov. – Dec. (2004)

  • Cowichan Theatre, Nov.- Dec. (2004)

  • Maltwood Gallery / University of Victoria, Aug – July. (2005)

  • Cowichan Theatre, April 18 (2006)

  • Maltwood Gallery, University of Victoria, July- Aug. (2006)

  • National Aboriginal Day Exhibition   Sechelt BC May(2008)

  • Doris Crowston Gallery at the Arts Centre June 18- July 6 (2008)

  • Nanaimo Public Art Gallery, Nov 21-Dec27 (2008)

  • Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Jan. 1- June 31 (2009) Yellowknife NWT

  • Northern Life Museum  Fort Smith NWT  Sept. – Nov (2009)

  • Cowichan Theatre Duncan BC June 29-July 29 (2010)

  • Northern Life Museum Fort Smith   The Silent Breed  NWT  April 3 2012


-       Northern Life Museum Fort Smith     residential school experience.  June2015-October 31 2015

-      Prince of Wales Heritage centre residential school experience. April –October 2016



  • Canada Council for the Arts (2004)


  • BC  Arts Council  (2003)


  • First People Cultural Foundation (2002)


  • Canada Council for the Arts (2011)


  • Canada Council for the Arts (2013) Two Year Long Term Grant


Collection   National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (2002)



-  Shaw cable TV interview Nov 2004 and April 18 2006

-APTN  aboriginal peoples television networks interview June 06, 2009-06-28 Vancouver BC

-CKLB Radio First Nation  Yellowknife Jan 14, 2009 radio interview

-Shaw cable television interview Nov. 2004

-Shaw cable television interview April 18, 2006


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